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Watch the broadcast of 'Vrije Geluiden' hosting Matthias in 2015 here.



With Radio 4-anchor Sander Zwiep Matthias made a podcast about the wonderful organs in the Netherland, visiting two instruments in each of the twelve provinces. Listen the podcast (in Dutch) here – ' Voor het orgel de kerk in'


"...Not only does he possess an incredibly differentiated touch, a brilliant technique and feeling for beautiful registrations. He is one of maybe ten organists making emotion and musicality directly tangible for the listener, despite the technical barriers of the organ".

Clemens Goldberg - about a concert in Potsdam (Germany)


"...playful, sophisticated timing and dangerously quick pedal playing. Havinga masters his profession. He shows that playing the organ is an art, not to be confused with the accompaniment of hymn singing. This is decathlon for body and spirit. When you master those like he does, you will impress any audience".


Biëlla Luttmer - De Volkskrant about a concert in the Ronde Lutherse or Koepelkerk, Amsterdam

​"..Mendelssohns organ sonatas require tons of panache - which is what we have here.. faster movements pack a punch."
BBC Music Magazine about the Mendelssohn-CD


"..Five stars for thrilling Mendelssohn" 
Roel Sikkema - Nederlands Dagblad about the Mendelssohn-CD


"..Brightness, immaculate rhythmic precision and clarity, in way of playing and registrations..poetry and romantic melancholy.... great and brilliant is the finale of Havinga's recital."
Bert Wisgerhof - De Orgelvriend about the Mendelssohn-CD

"..Havinga serves these artists with breathtaking ease, regardless of the genre portrayed. Vivid dances, brilliantly ornamented themes and variations, fantasies performed with great focus - he manages to uplift each section of this CD while relying on an unwavering technique.."
Xavier Bisaro - Five stars in de French Diapason for the Dutch Delight-CD

"Matthias Havinga's playing is utterly stable, controlled and colourful. He proves his abilities as an all round organist and seems effortlessly to adapt his touch, articulation and registrations to music of different stylistic and geographical origins." on the CD Passacaglia


“His organ playing can be described as very well-tended and conscientious, with superb emotional command and a certain amount of objectivity."
De Orgelvriend about the CD Passacaglia


...Havinga plays the organ with flair..A sparkling and promising début!"
Tijdschrift Oude Muziek (Early Music Magazine) on the CD J.S.Bach-Italian Concertos


"..pure, true musicianship and an inner feeling for the ‘right’ musical interpretation are expressed in an inimitable way by Matthias Havinga (...) The first and third part of the great Concerto in C after Vivaldi, performed with sparkling lightness and joy, form a dazzling, magnificent finale in which the organist once again proves his virtuosity and interpretational skills."
Eberhard Klotz - Organ - Journal für die Orgel (German organ magazine) on the CD J.S.Bach-Italian Concertos

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