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For an overview, see the list on the left. For details, click on an event in the monthly agenda below.
August 24, organ concert in Musikfest Bremen at the Zionskirche, Worpswede (Germany). A Bach-program at the Ahrend-organ. BWV 572, 526, 904, 653, 655, 622, 542.

August 31, organ concert Hamburger Orgelsommer at the  Mariendom, Hamburg. 'Suffering, faith and honor', a program around chromaticism with music by Sweelinck, Pachelbel, Liszt, Duruflé and Alain.

September 25, organ concert at the Odense International Organ Festival. Buxtehude - f sharp minor, Sweelinck Est-ce Mars, Alain Variations sur un theme de Clément Jannequin, Duruflé Fugue Soissons, Carl Nielsen op. 11, Bach BWV 662 and 542.

October 14, organ concert at the Abbey of Poblet (Spain), Sweelinck Est-ce Mars & Chromatic Fantasy, Bach BWV 678 & 544, Alain Trois Pièces, Duruflé Prélude et Fugue sur le nom d'Alain.
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