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Ordering CD's

Miroir de Peine € 15,-

Concerto Barocco, see website Seldom Sene

Mendelssohn: € 15,-
Dutch Delight: € 15,-
Passacaglia: sold out
Italian Concertos: € 15,-
Shipping costs: € 3,50 within Holland, € €8,- to €12,- all other countries

Miroir de Peine

A unique CD featuring 20th-century Dutch repertoire by Hendrik Andriessen, Henk Badings, Rosy Wertheim and Bertus van Lier, recorded with soprano Klaartje van Veldhoven at the Adema-organ of the St. Josephkerk, Haarlem. On this CD there are several world premieres such as the 'Drie Geestelijke Liederen' and three works for organ solo by Badings, but also 'Maria, Schone Vrouwe' and 'La Sainte Face' by Hendrik Andriessen. Well-known works are the beloved 'Miroir de Peine' and the 'Sonata da Chiesa' by Hendrik Andriessen.


A selection from the thrilling oeuvre of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, characterized by its impressive virtuosity, dreamy poetry and sublime nineteenth-century elegance. This CD features three of his sonatas, two separate fugues, the spectacular Allegro in d, and two organ transcriptions of orchestral compositions. The CD was recorded on the Bätz-organ (1830) of the Koepelkerk or Round Lutheran Church in Amsterdam, an ideal instrument for the interpretation of Mendelssohn's very passionate, but well-balanced organ music. 

"..Mendelssohns organ sonatas require tons of panache - which is what we have here.. faster movements pack a punch."

(BBC Music Magazine)

Dutch Delight

A programme devoted to the organ music of the 'Dutch Golden Age': the 17th century. Dutch Delight offers a selection of music, representing all aspects of life during this era: catchy popular dances, noble aristocratic dances, sophisticated fantasies, beautiful psalms and cheerful variations on secular songs.. The CD includes music by Sweelinck, Anthoni van Noordt, Cornelis Schuyt, Hendrick Speuy, Gerardus Havingha and many anonymous composers whose legacy is preserved in the Leningrad Manuscript, Susanna van Soldt manuscript and Camphuysen manuscript. Dutch Delight was recorded on the Faber/Blank-organ (1651/1979) of the Hervormde Jacobuskerk, Zeerijp.
"...Havinga serves these artists with breathtaking ease." 

(Diapason, France).


This original programme brings together composers from four centuries: from Kerll, Couperin, Buxtehude and the monumental Passacaglia in C minor by J.S. Bach, to 20th century examples of the genre by Reger, Shostakovich and Jan Welmers Recorded on the magnificent Martti Porthan-organ (1998) in Kotka, Finland, this compilation demonstrates just how well the organ's majestic quality suits the Passacaglia form, and offers a tour of highlights from the Passacaglia's history.
"...A CD for lovers of dramatic and moving music performed by an outstanding talent."

J.S. Bach: Italian Concertos

Bach's sparkling organ transcriptions of concertos composed by great Italian composers such as Antonio Vivaldi and Alessandro Marcello. Recorded at the Martti Porthan-organ (1998) in Kotka, Finland, this CD features Bach's Concertos in a-minor (BWV 593), d-minor (BWV 596), C-major (BWV 595), d-minor (BWV 974), G-major (BWV 592), C-Major (BWV 594), and the Fugue in d-minor (BWV 539), a transcription of a movement from the original violin sonata BWV 1001.
"...Havinga plays the organ with flair..A sparkling and promising début!"

(Early Music Magazine Holland)

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